Why Nix?

Complete dependencies

Multiple versions

Multi-user support

Atomic upgrades and rollbacks

Transparent source/binary deployment

Managing build environments


Why NixOS?

Reproducible system configurations

Declarative system configuration model

Reliable upgrades

Atomic upgrades


Safe to test changes

Nix Packages collection

We provide a large set of Nix expressions containing thousands of existing Unix packages, the Nix Packages collection (Nixpkgs).



a powerful package manager for Linux and other Unix systems that makes package management reliable and reproducible. It provides atomic upgrades and rollbacks, side-by-side installation of multiple versions of a package, multi-user package management and easy setup of build environments.

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NixOS is a Linux distribution with a unique approach to package and configuration management. Built on top of the Nix package manager, it is completely declarative, makes upgrading systems reliable, and has many other advantages.

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